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Memory project - Police

1 - Realization of an edition around the following issues:
what elements of the police institution are the source of a rejection
of part of the population and how the relationship between citizens
and police are affected?



Team: Carmen Rado, Pierre-Louis Merlet and Mohamed El Ghazi
My role: Strategy, Design and Art Direction (realization of the edition)

Subject: National Police
Year: 2021-2022

2 - Creation of CO-OP, the module which aims to bring the citizen
back to the heart of police training. Realization of the trailer of the
mini-series published on Vice to announce the implementation of
this new training module which allows to create an exchange between citizens and police officers.

3 - Digital activation based on the GTA police mod.
Created five missions that confront players to find
solutions as a police officer in the face of transcribed situations
testimonials from citizens of the CO-OP module.

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